About Us

Napoleon & Co. is a menswear brand based in New York City crafting modern essentials for shorter men.

Innovation, simplicity, and progression are core to who we are.

Founder's Note

Standing at 5'6”, I've always found it near impossible to find clothing that fit well off-the-rack with a high standard of quality and design. Clothing is more than intertwined threads - it’s our personality’s avatar for the world to see. Inherently, it affects how we see and carry ourselves.

Buying clothing shouldn’t feel like a compromise - it should feel like it was made for you. Working tirelessly using our collective experiences to redesign every stitch and seam of our products, finally: something more than a compromise. Properly constructed tokens of modern essentials made just for you.

Thanks for being a part of our family. We hope our products continue to inspire confidence in your daily wardrobe, and most importantly, yourself.