Our Story

In July 2017, Napoleon & Co. had its small beginnings in a New York City bedroom with nothing more than an idea, an optimistic outlook, and a singular goal mind.

Our goal was simple: design and create beautiful essentials for shorter men.

However, there was only one tiny problem. We didn't know the first thing about making clothing. We were not trained with fashion backgrounds, so we did what we were best at. We researched, studied, and spoke to industry leaders to understand the proper way to start an apparel company. It was a steep learning curve to say the least.

Resilience and diligence flows through our blood. We're a competitive group of designers and entrepreneurs striving to be best in class, no exceptions. We didn't know much, but we knew what "quality" and "fit" felt and looked like, so we embarked on a journey. A few trips overseas and a year later, we sourced the best fabric and specialty factories to create a one-of-a-kind shirt. After much trial and error, and many prototypes later, we have finally designed a product that made us smile. Holding it in our hands made us excited, warm inside, and eager to wear it even during occasions that didn't warrant the outfit! Creating anything less would have been unacceptable. 

We're also huge technology and data nerds at heart. The feedback we receive from our friends, customers, and passing acquaintances are and will be carefully reviewed and translated into actionable improvements to your customer experience. From your mobile and web visits, from in-person discussions, to how we communicate with you, we're invested in making your time with us a personalized, painless, and satisfying experience. 

We aspire to be the leading menswear brand in our arena. Apparel design comes in all shapes and sizes and not all of them work for a smaller frame. We understand that style is a personal conquest and a consciously portrayed image. We've combed through troves of data and decades of personal experience to bring forth what works and what doesn't.

We absolutely love what we do and what we've created. We hope that our enthusiasm and energy reaches you through our products.